Is it a Particle or a Wave? Is a Particle!!!!

take a close look at this picture. look at the part that shows the waves see the circles? those are the Particle NOT A WAVE. if you think about it. its a no brainier... i never could get the snake like wave all over space. BUT   It moves with uniform circular motion.   ROUND PACKETS NEXT TO EACH OTHER YES> waves can be placed in this model too BUTT its not a wave. there are no waves at all. there never was. 

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These are Pages from my Manifesto i wrote many years ago. I saved these many years. I don't know why i did. but maybe some of it may help the next generation of physicists. Some of the Ideas of mine are a little crazy. and They are Ideas from my viewpoint. there is so many things i feel NOT RIGHT with this world. and I try to enplane these in my Manifestos. I just hope if i am right about some of these things. I will get the credit for my ideas. Note most of this was wrote when i was a teenager. and in my mid 20's. things has changed now. i know this but i am publishing them AS IS anyways. who knows maybe it will be right or maybe it will be good for a laugh :) 

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