TIME VS SIZE the small fact Eisenstein left out

so much work i have done this yr. built my GIF animation blogs up. then moved on to my News blogs. this blog i made for personal reasons. many years ago i wrote many manifestos on my thoreys and never published them, so i will come here time to time and add a few pages. 
The 1st  i like to talk about is time vs size. i think Eisenstein  may have been off just a little bit. he states as you go faster time slows down. but he forgot one small detail. and that is SIZE. the size of some thing has a lot to do with time. the bigger something is the slower time has on it. and the smaller the faster. think of this. as you sit on a tall building you look below and see the cars and people moving below., BUT... they move so slow.  and something as big as the sun seems thou is is moving in slow mo to us. but it is spinning very fast. why is that? Now heres a mind blower. say you where as small as a flea or a spidermite. and say you were on the coffee table looking at the humans in the room. what would you see? you see them move in slow mo. and you wouldn't see the whole room as it really is. only parts., as you watched a human walk it look as thou he was in slow mo. only something as small as a spidermite would see the things you see in your time frame. and for the human who is looking at the spidermite he say that spider mite sure moves fast. now why is that?
more to come. 

These are Pages from my Manifesto i wrote many years ago. I saved these many years. I don't know why i did. but maybe some of it may help the next generation of physicists. Some of the Ideas of mine are a little crazy. and They are Ideas from my viewpoint. there is so many things i feel NOT RIGHT with this world. and I try to enplane these in my Manifestos. I just hope if i am right about some of these things. I will get the credit for my ideas. Note most of this was wrote when i was a teenager. and in my mid 20's. things has changed now. i know this but i am publishing them AS IS anyways. who knows maybe it will be right or maybe it will be good for a laugh :) 

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